Apollo Cargo New Member

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Marine Insurance Industry Braces for More Risk

The marine insurance industry is bracing to meet an expected upswing in multidimensional risk across product lines.    That is the consensus of many panelists speaking Tuesday at the Marine Insurance Americas conference in New York.   Rising inflation is among the most prominent emerging risks. It increases the cost to settle valid marine casualty and […]

Port Snarls Point to Worsening Global Supply Chain

Global supply chain problems look to set to worsen, a new report published on Tuesday said, as China’s COVID-19 lockdowns, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other strains cause even longer delays at ports and drive up costs. The study by analysts at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) found that one-fifth of the global container ship […]

War in Ukraine and Omicron disrupts Air Cargo movements

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) released March 2022 data for global air cargo markets showing a drop in demand. The effects of Omicron in Asia, the Russia – Ukraine war and a challenging operating backdrop contributed to the decline. Note: The numbers are to year-on-year traffic comparisons, instead of comparisons with the 2019 period, […]

The Way We Look At The Global Economy Needs To Change In Future

Global supply chains are knotting up from China to Denmark, sparking re-examinations of things as macro as globalization itself and micro as trucking efficiency around American ports. As for the big picture, the intertwined world economy took decades to stitch together and will take years to play out, however it evolves. In the meantime, economists are squinting to see the […]

Maersk increases full-year guidance while warning box volumes are dropping

Like 2021, A.P. Møller – Mærsk is being forced to revise upwards its full-year earnings guidance. Unlike last year, however, the Danish carrier is warning container volumes could actually drop – another indication of the jittery state of the global economy, buffeted by war and high inflation. In releasing its Q1 results today, Maersk, widely […]

Dnata invests in solar energy at Changi Airport

dnata, a leading global air and travel services provider, continues to invest in infrastructure and equipment to further improve resource efficiency globally. The company has installed a 3.5 megawatt-peak rooftop solar power system across its operations, including its cargo and catering facilities, at Changi Airport (SIN). The rooftop power plant comprises of over 6,500 individual solar […]

Flying taxis, the future is here. Air-One, opens in Coventry, UK, heralding a new age of zero-emission transport

Urban-Air Port® opens Air-One®, a world-first demonstration of a fully-operational hub for future electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles – such as air taxis – and autonomous delivery drones, to demonstrate the potential of advanced air mobility globally.   Air-One® will demonstrate how advanced air mobility can cut congestion and air pollution and support […]