Annual Conference

Our Benefits

All-inclusive logistics network conference formula

In order to make our logistics network conference as conveniently as possible, we designed an all inclusive attendance formula. This means that the attendance fee for our international logistics network conference includes everything, from refreshments and snacks during the One-2-one meeting, to the social drinks and dinners.


International logistics network conference scheduler

Thanks to our easy scheduler, arranging your business meetings during our international logistics network conference becomes a piece of cake. The international logistics network conference scheduler is user friendly, compatible with all mobile devices and accessible at any time. This prevents double bookings as well as missed meetings.

International logistics network conference social events

But our international logistics network conference is not all about business meetings. It is also a place where lifelong business partners become friends. That is why we organize several social events during our international logistics network conference, like a welcome drink, a group dinner on an exclusive location and a farewell cocktail.


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