5 Critical points for European intermodal transport

Intermodal transportation is frequently described as a cornerstone for the green transition. The rail sector uses it as a flagship concept in terms of sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness to long-distance trucking and sea transport. Yet, intermodal transport suffers from low punctuality and effectiveness, creating trust issues for customers and shippers. Too many expectations, lack of […]

Market surges forward as EU+ airport passenger traffic doubles year on year

European airport trade body ACI EUROPE released its air traffic report for July 2022. The report shows that passenger traffic across the European airport network increased by +70.4% in July compared to the same month last year. This was largely driven by international traffic (+102.5%) rather than domestic traffic (+11.8%). When compared to pre-pandemic (July 2019) levels, passenger traffic in […]

Biden Urges Action to Avoid Railroad Shutdown

The Biden administration urged railroads and unions to reach a deal to avoid a railroad work stoppage, saying on Monday it would pose “an unacceptable outcome” to the U.S. economy that could cost $2 billion a day. Railroads, including Union Pacific, Berkshire Hathaway’s BNSF, CSX, and Norfolk Southern, have until a minute after midnight on Friday to reach tentative deals […]

Railway sector fears unstable energy supply, calls for Brussels to act

With the increasing energy bills and insecurity about a steady supply, the European railway sector calls for action. Sector associations Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) and the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA) asked the European Commission on Friday to ensure that the envisioned modal shift to rail is not derailed by increasing […]

Railfreight Headaches : What are the main problems for the industry

During the first session of the RailFreight Summit in Warsaw, many speakers from various companies offered their insights on the main problems lying ahead for rail freight. Among the most relevant issues mentioned for the industry were construction sites causing bottlenecks, distrust from the customers, and the lack of competitive strategies when it comes to […]

U.S. retains its position as the world’s biggest Travel & Tourism market despite lengthy travel restrictions by boosting domestic travel

The latest World Travel & Tourism Council’s Economic Trends Report reveals the U.S. remains the world’s biggest and most powerful Travel & Tourism market. Its top ranking was reaffirmed, despite suffering long and damaging travel restrictions which did little to halt the spread of COVID-19 and only resulted in serious economic losses. However, while its […]

Kaliningrad trains to run for 3 more weeks, but their future in doubt

The issue of train transit between Russia and Kaliningrad via Lithuania seems to be reaching some kind of stability. After consulting with the Financial Crimes Investigation Service (FNTT), Lithuanian Railways managed to secure a three-week-long pre-payment for Russian transit services. That being said, Russian shipments can run via Lithuania to Kaliningrad for the time being. […]

Shipping Has Fired A Shot Across The Bow

Summary Shipping rates have declined significantly in 2022 with dry bulk rates down as much as 89% and container rates down as much as 45%. Sea freight shipping rates are an indicator of economic conditions due to inelastic supply. Lower shipping rates are suggesting lower inflation and further weakness in equity markets including the materials […]

Xeneta: Higher Long-Term Container Rates Will Help Carriers to Huge Profits in 2022

The container market may be softening, but long-term freight rates are still through the roof. A new report released Wednesday by ocean freight benchmarking company Xeneta showed long-term ocean freight rates climbed again in August, rising 4.1% month-on-month to stand 121.2% higher than the same time last year. Xeneta said this demonstrates that uneven demand […]

Warehouse Bottlenecks Are Snarling U.S. Supply Chains

Capacity constraints have moved from the water to land as companies tie up transport equipment, triggering backups across freight networks The struggle for shipping capacity that has been a hallmark of pandemic-era snarled supply chains is shifting inland, with the transportation equipment crucial to moving goods growing increasingly difficult to find. Logistics executives say sea […]